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          I am Genie Gertz.  I am a professor of Deaf Studies at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and I was integrally involved with the overall production of this theatre project.  Before I move forward into a description of the project, I would like to take time to recognize two important sponsors who truly have made this project happen.  The first of which is the Deaf Studies department at CSUN and Sorenson Video Relay Service. We extend our thanks to them.

          This theatre project is entitled “StoneDeaf”.  It covered all aspects of a play production.  The participants, approximately 60 students here at CSUN, both hearing and Deaf, worked together.  They took on a variety of roles: acting, writing, crew, other behind-the-scenes work, and public relations. And, as an ensemble, they put on this complete production.  What’s even more significant to note is that most of these students had little or no acting experience while accomplishing this!

          We took the opportunity to film and edit StoneDeaf in order to be able to share it with you on the web.  On the homepage, you will be able to click on a number of options and features.  They are organized in six segments: the Prologue, then Acts 1 to 5.  You can choose to see each act in full or if you’d prefer to look at a specific scene, you can do so by choosing scenes from the menu.

          There is a feature called “SignTalk” which is a collection of interviews of those who attended the play and their comments and opinions after the show.  These are shared with you here.  There is also an “Analysis” feature about the play itself.  You can click on pictures of play participants and see their bios.  In addition, there are archives where you can see the production as it was taken from scratch into a full-fledged performance. 

          Feel free to click on any of the features.  Learn, enjoy viewing, and share this with others! Enjoy!

          Again, thank you to our sponsors: the Deaf Studies department at CSUN and Sorenson Video Relay Service.

Thank you and enjoy!

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