Genes in Life
Genes in Life is a one-stop source for information on genetics and health with a special emphasis on genetic services. We empower individuals and families to take an active role in their health.

Advocacy ATLAS: Accessible Tools for Leadership and Advocacy Success
The Advocacy ATLAS features over 240 existing tools and resources to help individuals and families find quality resources on advocating in different areas throughout lifespan.

Baby’s First Test
Baby’s First Test is dedicated to educating parents, healthcare professionals, and the general public about newborn screening, its importance, and its role in health for all newborns.

Disease InfoSearch
Disease InfoSearch is an online search tool and database of resources for genetic conditions. It includes support group information as well as reliable disease-specific materials and resources.

Registries For All (Reg4All)
Reg4all is a comprehensive, crowd sourced, cross-disease registry where individuals can store and share health information to help accelerate translational research and improve health for all.

Other Print Publications
Genetic Alliance has a variety of print materials and publications to share, including our Guide to Genetic Counseling and booklets on sharing a diagnosis. Visit our website and place your order today!